Thursday, 3 November 2011

October Photo Scavenger Hunt

I'm playing "catch up" with my blog today. This first post is my Photo Scavenger Hunt entry.

1. A Black Cat
That would have to be Maurice! Here he is beside of the kitchen cupboard that contains the cat food. This is his "Please feed me Mummy" look. :)
Ella has a better idea - self-service!!
She knows that this handle opens the door, but luckily she doesn't seem to be strong enough to open it! :)
2. Candlelit
My Halloween jars that I painted a couple of years ago.
3. Crunchy Leaves
These leaves were blown onto our driveway.
4. Fog/Mist
Early morning mist heralding a sunny October day.
5. Golden
Golden cidre not cider!
And these beautiful leaves on a tree in our road.
6. Graffiti
This was a difficult one as there isn't too much graffiti around here. This one near Bramley station made me smile, because of the words "NEVA SEEN".
7. Heritage
The Vyne - A National Trust property, in our area, that we like to visit.
7. Pumpkin
One of our home-grown pumpkins that I carved for Halloween.
8. River
The River Loddon that runs nearby. I snapped this photo whilst my husband and I were Geocaching.
9. Something Eerie
Not sure whether this is eerie or scary (or neither). I guess it depends on how you feel about spiders!
10. Sunset
I had a "blonde moment" and took a photo of a sunrise!
So here is a photo I took of a sunset in Turkey during July.
11. Witch's Hat/Broomstick
Hat and broomstick modeled by Gretel. (I used to collect Cherished Teddies.)
Now for November's list:-

  • a lucky charm
  • a poppy
  • a self-portrait eeeek!!!!
  • comfort food
  • memorial
  • polka dots
  • silhouette
  • something purple
  • something that lights up
  • something you have made
  • staircase
  • warmth

I'm not sure about number 3!! ;)


Eileen said...

The sunrise pic is beautiful and I like the mist one as well. Great set of pics.

Kathy said...

You've got a lovely set of photographs there .... great spider!!!!

Little Blue Mouse said...

Gretel is just the cutest thing!

Country Girl said...

Great photos - I love those misty mornings when its going to be a sunny day.

Louise said...

a great set of photos, I have enjoyed them!

Paula said...

Great colours on those crunchy leaves and the tree almost looks like it's on fire, beautiful.

Jane said...

awesome jars