Thursday, 3 November 2011

October 2011

Monday was Halloween and I like to decorate the front porch to welcome the "Trick or Treaters".
One group was so impressed with my Jack-O'-Lanterns that they said, "Forget the sweets, can we have your pumpkins!" :)
I also like to decorate indoors
and to make something sweet to celebrate.
Time for the monthly round-up. October's mosaic had to include Halloween and of course our anniversary cards. It also includes two "cause and effect" photos - too much cake has meant I have had to go to the gym!! ;) Besides my new gym routine I have been knitting, planting up the pots for winter and I went shopping at Gunwharf Quays on Saturday with my husband and son and we stopped to admire the boats in the harbour.
In the garden the nasturtiums have taken over and there are still roses, dahlias and cosmos in full bloom, due to the mild weather we have been experiencing. So far we have only had one frost and temperatures have regularly been between 11 and 15'C.
So now it is November and I will finish my third and final post of the day with this thought:-
It's only 51 days until Christmas! ;)
Pj x

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mad about bags said...

I can definitely see why they wanted your pumpkins they're fantastic!!!
I love your mosaics for October so full of colour a lovely insight into what you have been up to.