Monday, 19 December 2011

Day 16 Advent Calendar

For Day 16 I have chosen the Elegant Heart Pattern that appears on each door of the DROPS Christmas Calendar 2011. I have used Patons Smoothie Dk in Red and slightly adapted the pattern to produce a flatter heart.
Using 4mm hook -
Row 1 -ch17, turn.
Row 2 - 1tr into 8th ch from hook, 2ch, skip 2ch, 1tr, 2ch, skip 2ch, 1tr, 2ch, skip 2ch, 1tr into 1st ch from row 1.
Row 3 - Turn, 5ch, 1tr into 2nd tr from previous row, *2ch, skip 2 ch, 1tr in next tr*. Repeat *to* to end of row.
Rows 4 & 5 - Repeat row 3.
Heart Arches, 1st side - 3dc in 1st diamond, 3dc in 2nd diamond, ch5, 3dc in 3rd diamond, 3dc in 4th diamond. Ch1.
2nd side - 3dc in 1st , 3dc in 2nd, 5ch, 3dc in 3rd, 3dc in 4th.
Heart top- 15ttr into 5ch loop. ss into ch, 15ttr into next 5ch loop. ss.
Edging - 3dc into each diamond, 1ch at point, 3dc into each diamond. 1dc into each ttr keeping tension loose. Ss into centre and ch25 for loop, ss back into centre, continue 1dc in each ttr. Ss into 1st dc. Fasten off ends and starch.

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