Wednesday, 1 February 2012

January Crafting

 During January I joined Laalaa's Blanket Squares Swap 2012.
  So far I have crocheted these squares:-
12" Pineapple Square
 6" Patchwork Square
 6" Clematis Square
 6" Framed Flower Square
 12" Butterfly Square 
I am also participating in Laalaa's Travelling Craft Box 2012.  Thank you Linda for arranging both of these swaps.
 The box, which arrived yesterday, was sent to me from Deb of A World of Imagination and it is full of goodies.  I'm not posting a photo of the contents as I don't wish to spoil the surprise for the other recipients.
 Deb is a very talented lady and she had made this beautiful card for me to accompany a gift that included buttons, material and a purse. 
 I loved her card so much that of the two items I removed from the box, I chose this box of greetings cards to send to my girlfriends for their birthdays
and I couldn't resist the tissue-wrapped bundle that was labelled "mini bunting".  Isn't it adorable?! :)
A BIG thank you to Deb for starting off this box and for filling it with such gorgeous items.  I am just waiting to hear from the next person on the list and then I will be filling up the box again and passing it on.
Moving away from crafting for a moment; at the weekend we purchased 6 of these Bernhard chairs from Ikea.  As you can see the old pine chairs have been relegated to the patio!  We also bought a new pair of curtains for the patio doors, but I am waiting on the pair for the window as they are currently out of stock.
Next up is the item that I have made as part of my pledge of a Monthly Make for 2012 which is being hosted by Annie.
 It is also the item that I have made for my Fourth Blogiversary Giveaway.
Tah-dah!  The Sublime wool has turned into a Japanese Daisy Chain Scarf.
 And the winner is ....... Katie of Booty-licious!  Thank you to all of you that entered my giveaway, it is such a relief to receive your replies, as I worried that no one would take part!  Katie if you could email your address to me I will post your prize to you.  I hope that you like it.

Sublime yarn is beautiful to work with, so much so that I couldn't resist buying some more!  So much for stash-busting!! :)
I plan to crochet blanket squares with this yarn, but first I must finish off my WIPs!  I guess I am going to be very busy during February!! :)
Best wishes, Pj x


Booty-licious! said...

I am thrilled to have won your giveaway! I can't wait to receive this lovely little beauty! Yippee! Lucky me xxxx

Grateful4Crochet said...

Lucky Kate- that scarf is so beautiful!!!
Your squares are amazing as well!!!

Felted House said...

I love your pineapple square. I'd so love to do more crochet but am struggling to find the time to finish knitting at the moment. The manager of the small shop where I work and I are very excited because we have last week become a wool stockist as well as a small bookshop and cafe - we are hoping that people will come to our knitting groups and start buying some wool from us as they chat in the coffee shop bit and knit and crochet and are busy trying to knit samples of our new yarns to show what they're like! I'd seen a flower scarf online a little bit like yours and was telling my boss yesterday how effective it was - one day I'll try to do a similar one because they're so pretty. xx

Wendy said...

Aww how exciting more goodies for your new room, Lovely to see the box and cant wait to receive it. Thank you for a peek of what you chose from it :-) xx

Anonymous said...

Your crochet is beautiful!!! I hope that I can work up to be as good as you clearly are!

The scarf that you have just used for the givewaway is lovely too, I am sure Katie will be thrilled!!

I better get back to my crochet now! I am not as fast as I hoped I would be!

S x

thesnailgarden said...

Thank you for all of your lovely comments about my crochet. I seem to be addicted to crochet at the moment! My yarn is gradually taking over the living-room; my poor husband only has one end of the sofa to sit on as the other seats are covered in yarn! :)
Wendy and Katie - your parcels are now on their way to you.
Felted House - the shop where you work sounds heavenly - books, wool and coffee - I wouldn't want to leave!
Best wishes, Pj x

Janice said...

Oooh, wonder if any of those squares are destined for meeeee?! Nice work there! I love those teetering balls of lovely wool. Irrestible.....