Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Too Little Snow!

Saturday evening it started to snow and I started to get excited!  I have a child-like enthusiasm for snow!  Imagine my disappointment the following morning, when I saw that we had only had a tiny amount!  To make matters worse my parents had 4 inches of snow in Norfolk!
 The snowdrops didn't seem to mind the snow, but the crocuses and snowflakes didn't fare well.

 Our patio is covered so the Tete-a-tete and primulas survived.
 I love spring flowers and these are providing a beautiful splash of colour in an otherwise bare garden.

 Indoors this orchid is beautifying the living-room.  I bought it yesterday from the supermarket, at the bargain price of £2.80 including the ceramic pot!
Note those awful curtains?  Hopefully it is the last you will see of them as I now have my new curtains.  So this week I will be busy shortening them and then I will finally make up my mind about keeping the old dresser.  I have warned my husband that there may be another trip to Ikea! ;)

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