Thursday, 16 February 2012

Today ...

... I have been organizing my new bureau - playing would probably be more accurate!  Yesterday I bought some divided trays and a mini drawer unit
and today I have had fun arranging my papercraft supplies.
I love that everything is now going to be within easy reach. 
Inspired by Lucy of Attic24, I have crocheted these two jar covers.
This one now holds my pens and pencils
and this one now holds various tools.
My finished workspace
I can't wait to get crafting! :)


Kadeeae said...

Total stamp envy here! :)

thesnailgarden said...

You should see my clear stamps! :) Pj x

Mac n' Janet said...

So organized! I like the covers for the jars, have to give that a try.

Wendy said...

Wow how cool is your storage and your Jar covers are beautiful, I've just Blogged mine but used Cheap wool and think they look a bit naff lol but at least I have done some Crafting :-) xx

Kandi said...

Thanks you so much for my beautiful squares which arrived on Friday, I did a little 'wow' when I opened them!
Kandi x