Thursday, 16 February 2012

Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day was extra special this year as it was also my son's and his girlfriend's first anniversary.
My husband and I always exchange cards. 
It is a tradition of mine to bake something special for my husband on Valentine's Day.  This year it was stem ginger cookies as my husband loves ginger.
I cooked a special meal that included heart-shaped Duchesse potatoes and this chocolate gateau for dessert.  The cake is the Brooklyn Blackout recipe featured in The Hummingbird Bakery's Cook Book.  I layered it with chocolate buttercream and black cherries, then covered it in a chocolate and soured cream ganache and a further layer of dark chocolate.  I couldn't get any chocolate hearts when I nipped into town to collect my son and B, so I had to make my own from white chocolate that I coloured pink.  Not the best I can do, but I was running out of time.
 We ate the meal by candlelight, chocolate-scented of course!  I laughed with my husband that our candlelit dinners for two have now expanded to five! :)
For the 14th February I participated in Gem's Blog Love Swap.  I was partnered with Ros.

I decided to stay with a hearts and flowers theme for the gifts that I sent to Ros.  I knitted a heart and filled it with dried lavender from my allotment and crocheted a brooch to go in the parcel.

 These are the beautifully wrapped presents that I received from Ros.
I was amazed at how alike Ros and I had thought when we chose what to send to each other.
 I particularly love the embroidered lavender sachet, beautifully made by Ros.  Thank you so much Ros for your generosity and thank you to Gem for organizing a wonderful swap.

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