Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Bad Boy, Maurice ...

... Cake Stealer, Pumpkin Eater!!
Here he is sitting at the top of our stairs, looking like butter wouldn't melt!
But I had forgotten that he has a thing for pumpkin and I had left this pumpkin and chocolate cake cooling on the kitchen worktop.  Note that there is a piece missing!  Bad Boy Maurice had taken a bite!
This was a new recipe that I tried from here and after cutting away the part that had been nibbled by Maurice, the rest of the family declared it to be rather good.
I also baked some of my usual pumpkin cookies.
 Hot off the knitting needles this week are a pair of Batty Wrist Warmers.
 Fay had said to me that she was feeling cold, so I have knitted these for her.  I thought that they would be ideal for her to wear whilst drawing (she is studying animation at uni), as they are finger-less.  I'm not sure where I originally sourced the pattern from as I have had it for a while, but it can be found here.  Now I think I need to make a pair for myself! :)  I knitted them in Stylecraft Life DK using sizes 3.25 and 3.75 needles.  I think I will add a couple more rows of rib next time to make them slightly longer.
Fay has settled well into life at uni and is loving her course.  Last week she emailed some of drawings to me and I'm sure she won't mind if I share some of them with you.  She has been out and about studying trees and buildings to learn about perspective and has been taking life drawing classes.  Please don't scroll down to the end of the post if you don't wish to see nudity.

I think Fay is very talented, but then I may be biased! :)
Best wishes, Pj x


FeltByRae said...

Yep, she is certainly talented... as an ex-life model I got see many artists and she can certainly hold her own among the best of them

Love Maurice... never heard of a pumpkin eating cat before, although we had one that liked yoghurt and also Marmite... gotta love cats funny ways!

Tangled Sweetpea said...

Ooh naughty Maurice! But then who can blame him, that cake looks rather yummy! Yes, Fay is very talented! Love the last drawing.
Victoria xx

Jelly Jam said...

What a cheeky cat with unusual taste! My pumpkin makings have been very savoury I must try it in something sweet.

Crafty in the Med said...

Oh naughty naughty Maurice!!! Excuse me while I giggle a little I have a vivid imagination and can just see him creeping up and nibbling quickly at the cake! he! He! bad Boy!!! he ! he! I suppose you should take it as a compliment its obviously a yummy cake...looks it.

Impressive drawings......
keep well

Amanda :-)

thesnailgarden said...

Thank you for your lovely comments about Fay's work. We have always told her that she is talented, but it took her 2 years to build up the confidence to go to Uni. Now she is so pleased to be there.
Maurice is such a thief, he will eat anything! We have found him with his head in the kitchen bin many times! Pj x

Jelly Jam said...

I hope you don't mind but I've just 'tagged' you on my blog. If you don't want to play I wont be offended. I've never bothered before but it's been such a dismal day here!
Must sort out swap arrangements. I will email you as mine's not on my blog.

Maria said...

Ooh I had a chuckle at naughty Maurice....haha!
But I can see why he felt the need.
Love your autumnal recipes and may give the cookies a go...
Soo glad Fay has settled into 'Uni' life, they usually adapt very well, it is us Mum's that worry!!
I think her drawing's are amazing, Gosh 'wish' I could draw!!
Hope the sun shines on your weekend.
love Maria x

Jooles said...

She certainly is, what incredible drawings, i am glad she now has some cosy handwear to keep her going.
naughty Maurice!
have a lovely weekend
love jooles x

Kandi said...

Wow, fabulous drawings what a talented girl you have! I love your batty mittens, I would like to borrow a photo and link to you here for a round up on the monthly makes if you don't mind. Your cushion is stunning too, you have been a busy lady this month! xx