Sunday, 28 October 2012

Who Needs a Gym ...

... when they have got a garden? :)  This week I have finished digging over the flowerbeds and paths in our back garden.
I have taken every available opportunity to be outside,
 knowing that it could rain at any moment. 
When rain did stop play, I was working on a bed of a different kind.  Fay's new bed arrived flat-packed and I have assembled it and we are now waiting for the new mattress to be delivered.
Also whilst it was raining I visited the local garden centre.  The plan was to replace one rose, one lavender and one rosemary, but as you can see I got rather carried away. :)  The rose is David Austin's The Countryman and the lavender is Hidcote.  I also bought Clematis Mrs George Jackman, Japanese Aneome Splendens and some wallflowers.
Having planted the bulbs that I had previously purchased, I couldn't resist some more!
I'm so looking forward to seeing my garden next spring.  Although it looks rather bare now, I know that it will be much improved; no more jungle!
Yesterday was rather warm, despite the Arctic winds that we are experiencing and I managed to give the trees around the outside of our garden their annual prune.  I cut them down to below fence-height as they put on so much grown each year and shade our garden too much.  Afterwards I collected these humongous pumpkins from our allotment, ready for Halloween.
Last night our village celebrated Guy Fawkes night early, with an amazing firework display.
The winds had died down and the sky was clear.
It was a perfect evening.

Now I am looking forward to a relaxing half term and to seeing Fay this week.
Best wishes, Pj x

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Connie said...

Hello Pj, I agree . . . gardening is great exercise and being out in the fresh air is so rewarding.
That is a beautiful bed!

I'm happy to have you visit. The joy of sewing . . . I love it.
Happy to hear the you are back at it:)
Your blogging sister, Connie :)