Monday, 15 October 2012

My Weekend

My weekend started rather early Saturday morning as I needed to take Jay to sit his Driving Theory Test at 8am.  The early start was worth it as he passed!  Well Done Jay!  Afterwards we went shopping and I couldn't resist this cookie cutter; he is perfect for some Halloween baking! :)
I also spotted this cake pop tin.  I have been thinking about making cake pops, but the fact that you have to crumble the cake and glue it back together again with butter cream kind of put me off.  Hopefully this tin will work - watch this space! :)  Both items are from Lakeland.
I can never pass by a Cath Kidston shop without going in and I bought this adorable Christmas dish.
Most of the remainder of my weekend was spent in the garden.  When cutting down the outer hedge I found this old Blackbird nest complete with an egg that didn't hatch.  
I have decided to give the back garden a major overhaul as everything has become so over-grown this year.  It seems a shame to cut back some of the flowers, but it needs to be done.
This Ballerina Rose is covered in buds again.
The Japanese Anemones have looked lovely this autumn,
but the stars of the season have to be this Spindle Tree
and the Michaelmas Daisies.  My Mum gave these to me.
First border dug over and replanted.  The cats think I have given them one large litter tray!!
I have taken a risk and divided my Agapanthus.  I hope that it flowers next year.
I still have over half of the garden to dig and then I will plant these bulbs and the garden should look wonderful in the spring.
Whilst digging I discovered this cutie!
 I believe he is a baby Common Lizard.  Please excuse the hands - I was working! :)
 Off he goes to find shelter under the ferns.
I feel privileged to have him in my garden.  I hope he stays.


Tangled Sweetpea said...

Fabulous cookie cutter and the cake pop tray looks a genius idea, can't wait those your pops!
Victoria xx

Katie said...

Well done Jay. Looks like your weekend was a busy one. Can't wait to see the goodies you make with your new cake pop tin! xxx

Maria said...

Well done also to Jay!
Olivia is just starting her driving lessons and has her theory to learn.
Aww love the Bambi dish from Cath Kidston, must have one of those!! hehe..
The 'spooky' cutters look just the job for treats for Halloween....
Love Maria x

Gem said...

There is nothing better than finding wildlife in the garden. That nest is lovely, it's amazing how they put them together. And that lizard, wow. I hope he stays with you too, that is pretty amazing.
Well done Jay on passing your theory.
Loving the cokie cutter too, I love Halloween x x x x

thesnailgarden said...

Thank you for your lovely comments. I plan to play with the baking tray and cutter soon, but we are in the middle of decorating at the moment.
Good luck to Olivia for her driving. Jay has his practical test booked for December - fingers crossed that he passes. Pj x