Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Days 30 to 35 of 365

Wow, we are into February already!  I had better get my skates on and finish a couple of projects that are gifts for people this month!  I can't show them here yet as one is part of my giveaway and the other is for a Valentine swap.  I have still been remembering to take a photo each day as part of my 365 challenge.  Here are days 30 to 35:-
Day 30 of 365
Sunshine at last!  Ella found a sunbeam to bathe in on the living-room floor.
Day 31 of 365
Lunching in Starbucks with my Husband.  An Americano and panini for us both on a trip to a nearby town.
Day 32 of 365
Flaming Katy (Kalanchoe) on our bedroom window sill.  There is one at each end of the window sill adding a splash of colour this time every year.
Day 33 of 365
A beautifully blue sky with clouds tinged pink by the setting sun.  I took this photograph with my iPhone as my Husband drove us to the gym.  We are trying to get fit and lose weight!
Day 34 of 365
The first flower of the many bulbs that I planted last autumn.  Spring is on the way!
Day 35 of 365
For some time now I have been looking for a way to feed the birds in our back garden whilst keeping them safe from cats.  Yesterday whilst in a garden centre we found the solution; this feeder is sturdy enough for the birds, but it wouldn't take a cat's weight.  We have situated it in front of the greenhouse, well away from the fences.  I know the cats can't walk on the greenhouse roof as I watched Maurice fail to do so when he was younger! :)

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