Monday, 25 February 2013

February Nature Walk

 When we planned our nature walk for Saturday, we didn't know it was going to be so cold!  The snow flurries were very pretty, but we didn't hang around as the cold was nipping at our fingers and noses.
The snowdrops are still in bloom,

 creating drifts of white and green underneath the bare trees.
 Beautiful fungi on a tree stump.
 There was a lot of activity from the birds, including this Blue Tit, as they searched for food.
 The catkins are dancing on the hazel branches
and leaf buds are starting to unfurl on the thorn bushes.
 We spotted a lonely celandine.
 We saw Judas's Ear fungi darkening with age on some branches
 and other branches were brightly coloured with yellow and grey lichen.
Hopefully our March nature walk will be a little warmer!

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Maria said...

~ Ooh it has been very cold, but hope fully like us you have had sunny bright days this week, Pj...YOUR walk looks lovely and shows us 'Spring is just around the very next corner'..~ Take time to dream ~ My friend...Maria x