Monday, 25 February 2013

Days 45 to 55 of 365

Gosh, I'm not very good at posting these photos up on a regular basis am I? The phrase "could do better" comes to mind! :)  I will try and post more frequently.  So here are the next 11 photos:-
Day 45 of 365
Valentine's Day roses from my Husband.
Day 46 of 365
The yellow crocuses are always the first to flower in my garden, promising that spring is just around the corner.
Day 47 of 365
The weekend involved a university applicant day visit for Jay (his second choice) and in the afternoon we went for a walk at Cannock Chase.
Day 48 of 365
On the Sunday we visited Fay and on the way to her house we saw this Mini that made us smile.
Day 49 of 365
Back home and a clump of Tete-a-tete are in bloom beside the patio.
Day 50 of 365
Tuesday evening my Husband and I travelled to Norfolk for a sad occasion taking place tomorrow.  Jay wanted to stay at home, so he spent his first night home alone.  I had to tell myself that he is nearly 18 years old and will be starting uni soon, before I agreed to this! 
Day 51 of 365
The previous week my BF's Mum had sadly lost her battle with cancer and today was her funeral.
Day 52 of 365
Back home again and some time-out to relax and read my magazines. 
Day 53 of 365
I made some No-churn Coffee Ice-cream.  My Husband has since said it is the best ice-cream he has ever had! :)  I found the recipe in "Nigellissima".
Day 54 of 365
Saturday and there were flurries of snow.  We went on our February nature walk, which I will post about next.
Day 55 of 365
We woke up to a light covering of snow Sunday morning.  It didn't last, but we are still getting a few snowflakes and it is cold.  So cold that it started us thinking about our summer holiday and we have booked a week in Venice during the summer.  It should be a lot hotter there! :)
So that is how I spent my half term holiday.  I hope you all had a great week.  Best wishes, Pj x

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