Thursday, 28 February 2013

56 to 59 of 365

Almost the end of February and the first two months of my 365 photo challenge.
Day 56 of 365
Starting with some exciting news - we have just booked our summer holiday to Venice!  I have always wanted to visit Venice! It is a special holiday to celebrate my Son's 18th and my Husband's 50th birthdays.
Day 57 of 365
My orchid is looking so pretty in our living-room.  All six buds are now open.
Day 58 of 365
It was back to school this week after the half-term holiday.  I don't usually work on a Wednesday, but I changed my hours to attend a meeting.  This is one of the displays that I am in charge of.  Each month it will feature a different author.
Day 59 of 365
On our patio the pots are still filled with winter flowers.  The cyclamens have bloomed all winter, lasting much longer than they have done in previous years.
See, as promised I am posting these photos more frequently! :)
Hope you are all enjoying your week.
Best wishes, Pj x

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