Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Days 66 to 71 of 365

My Husband often jokes that my head is filled with thoughts of "knitting and kittens"!  Well these photos may prove he has a point! :)
Day 66 of 365
A sneak peak of my recently completed bobble cushion.  Maurice is eyeing it up in the photo, but he hasn't tested it - yet!
Day 67 of 365
On the needles - the next cushion.  Cables this time.
Day 68 of 365
Something for the boys.  Saturday I made this almond and cherry trifle, using up a jar of cherries and a packet of amaretti biscuits leftover from Christmas.  I used agar agar flakes to turn the cherry syrup into jelly.  It set a little rubbery, but my Husband and Son still ate it. :)
Day 69 of 365
Of course this had to be a Mother's Day photo.  Chocolates from my Son.
Day 70 of 365
I have been bitten by the paper crafting bug recently and after work on Monday I made two Easter cards.  These are the "gingham" bunny card toppers that I crafted to attach to the cards.
Day 71 of 365
Photo opportunity!  Ella peaking around the balustrade at the bottom of the stairs.  She could smell our evening meal cooking in the oven and had come downstairs to investigate.
See, knitting and kittens! ;)


Maria said...

~ What nicer thoughts to fill your days..Ella is adorable, but then my head is full to rim of Kittens too!~ Leaving you smiling :) Maria x

thesnailgarden said...

Hi Maria, thank you for leaving a comment. Best wishes, Pj x