Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Days 81 to 86

More 365 challenge photos :-
Day 81 of 365
Friday, filling the Victoria sponge that I had baked with vanilla buttercream and blackberry jam.  Yummy!  It has disappeared already!
Day 82 of 365
Saturday, we woke up to snow - not something we were expecting at this time of year!  I'm so ready for spring!
Day 83 of 365
Sunday, keeping warm indoors with some knitting.  I have finished the front of my cable cushion and have now started the back.  The only problem is I keep getting distracted by other craftiness! :)
Day 84 of 365
Monday, creating a new display at work to coincide with the Kate Greenaway 2013 Medals for the best children's illustrated books. The children are going to draw pictures of characters, or scenes, from books and I am going to turn them in "mini books" to hang on the tree.  There is another part to this display around the corner featuring the book covers and blurbs.
Day 85 of 365
Tuesday, the May issue of Country Living arrived through the post box.  I love these colours.

Day 86 of 365
Wednesday, baking hot cross buns using this recipe I pulled out of the TV Times.  They are hopefully rising in the kitchen as I type.  I have also baked a Simnel cake and some carrot muffins.
Best wishes, Pj x

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