Monday, 18 March 2013

Days 72 to 75

Continuing my 365 photo challenge :-
Day 72 of 365
It was a lovely sunny start to the day, so Maurice sat in the sun soaking up its warmth.  He sat with his back to the sun and turned his face to warm his whiskers. :)
Day 73 of 365
I am very lucky to have a wonderful wool shop not too far from home.  I noticed this cute bunny in the shop window as I went inside.  I didn't come out empty-handed! :)
Day 74 of 365
Baking day!  Chocolate sponge topped with Amaretto buttercream and black cherries.
Day 75 of 365
I am a bookworm!  I love books and when I took this photo on Saturday, these were my current reading material.  My favourite genres are science fiction and fantasy.  I have now finished these two books!
Next book please! :)
Pj x

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