Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Days 60 to 65 of 365

Now we are into March and this is how I spent the past week:-
Day 60 of 365
Farnborough Airport. No I didn't fly anywhere; this is where the Make-It Fair was held.  More of that in my next post.
Day 61 of 365
Another university applicant day visit.  This is where Jay really has his heart set on going.
Day 62 of 365
Axl, our neighbours' cat waiting to be let indoors.
Day 63 of 365
More crocuses are opening up each day in the garden.  There are now yellow, lilac, purple and cream ones dotted around the flower borders.
Day 64 of 365
A rather foggy start to the day.  This oak tree is only a short distance from our back door.  The sun burnt away the fog very quickly and by lunchtime it was 15.5'C and I saw my first Brimstone butterfly of the year.
Day 65 of 365
The recent warmer days have encouraged the first blossoms to open on our purple-leaved plum.  Soon the tree will be a mass of pink. :)

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