Sunday, 16 June 2013

Alençon Lace

Last week I took a trip to a local museum to see the Alençon Lace Exhibition.  The lace was exquisite and I was lucky enough to have the exhibition all to myself.  I spent a lot of time taking in the detail of the lace and of course taking lots of photos.  Alençon Lace is a needle lace - it is comprised of minuet stitches, similar to blanket stitch and of tiny picots.  Unsurprisingly, the apprenticeship to master Alençon Lace-making takes 7 to 10 years.  These are some of the photos I took, but they don't do justice to the beauty of the lace.
Top Left - Back of Cap :: Top Right - Piece of 18th C work (Louis 16th),
Bottom Left - 18th C Flounce - Pattern of Cherries :: Bottom Right - 2nd middle of 18th C
 Garlands of Flowers
Top ::  Alençon Lace Cuffs
Bottom ::  Alençon Lace Collar
 Venetian Lace Collar - Rose Point 18thC
 Alençon Lace Medallions
 Top ::  Alençon Lace Collar
Bottom :: Alençon Lace Collar patterned with a necklace of pearls and garlands of flowers
 Pair of Alençon Lace Cuffs - Mosaic and Forget-me-not decoration
Flounce in Alençon Lace
 Flounce in Venetian Lace 17th C
 Alençon Lace Flounce with Forget-me-not decoration
Top left :: Display of Alençon Lace Lappets - Top Right :: 18th C Flounce patterned with scallops
Middle Left :: 18thC (Louis 15th) - Middle right :: 18th C Flounce (Louis 15th)
Middle Left :: Lappet Louis 16th Style - Middle Right :: Lappet Louis 16th Style
Bottom Left :: Lappet patterned with flower boughs - Bottom Right :: Lappet patterned with flower boughs
 Table Mat with Corners in Alençon Lace
Alençon Lace
 Alençon Lace Lappets - Louis 16th Style - 19th C
 Two Modesty Panels in Alençon Lace with Lily of the Valley decoration
Pair of Cuffs in Alençon Lace
Plate Mat in Alençon Lace - Wheat, Roses and Grapes Pattern

Alençon Lace Square - Rare Style
Alençon Lace Frill in the style of Napoléon III - 19th C
Equipment used to make Alençon Lace

I used to make Bobbin Lace, so I found the exhibition fascinating.  It has inspired me to get my pillow and bobbins out soon, but at the moment life is very hectic.  Roll on the summer holidays!

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Mac n' Janet said...

I love vintage lace and far too frequently find myself buying some. Thanks for the pix.