Sunday, 23 June 2013

Days 164 to 174

I'm getting up-to-date with the posting of my 365 photos!  I have been rather busy with extra hours at work and with being in the middle of our birthday season here.
Day 164 of 365
At home, making more Creepy House displays for the school library.
Day 165 of 365
The first of the new season strawberries from the new allotment.
Day 166 of 365
More yarn bombing!
Day 167 of 365
Father's Day - inside the Boss card it says " ...just don't forget to give it back to Mum tomorrow!"  :)
Day 168 of 365
Gardening in the evening whilst being watched over by Axl, the cat from next door.
Day 169 of 365
Gardening the next evening, this time being watched by Ella.  I'm loving these warmer, lighter evenings.
Day 170 of 365
Some of my birthday cards, sitting on top of the cabinet in our living-room.
Day 171 of 365
A special card for my not-so-little boy.
Day 172 of 365
Some of the yarn bombing in town - not guilty this time!
Day 173 of 365
Out to lunch with family to celebrate my baby boy turning 18.
Day 174 of 365
A bunch of Sweet Williams, from the allotment, on the kitchen window sill.

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