Friday, 7 June 2013

Days 150 to 157

Playing catch-up again with my 365 photos!
Day 150 of 365
Adding some extra rounds to some of my Canny CAL squares.
Day 151 of 365
Trying out some new recipes.  This Golden Syrup Cake was delicious and will definitely be a regular bake as I love golden syrup!
Day 152 of 365
English ale for tomorrow's BBQ.  Such a pretty label - I had to take a photo.  The ale tasted good too!
Day 153 of 365
An escapee goat at our local garden centre.  He was soon eating out of Jay's hand.
Day 154 of 365
New display at school.  Somewhat appropriate considering the gift Maurice had left on the lawn for me - a hamster! Yikes!!  Bad, bad boy!!!
Day 155 of 365
My Husband got a new car.  I love the colour - sky blue.  Sinner cat got into the photo too!
Day 156 of 365
A new magazine for me - I like the cute deer.  He is now on my ever expanding list of things to make.
Day 157 of 365
I went on a spending spree in Winchester - such a lovely town.  I needed a coffee and muffin to keep me going!

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