Thursday, 13 June 2013

Days 158 to 163

Six more photos for my 365 challenge:-
Day 158 of 365
Putting away the remnants of material I bought whilst shopping the day before. I hadn't planned to purchase my dress-making fabric just yet, but I couldn't resist these as they were a bargain and so pretty.  The grey with ditsy white flowers is for a sundress, the blue and navy flowered one is for a skirt and the bow and blue flowered ones are for sleeve-less tops.  Hopefully! When I find time - life is very hectic at the moment!
Day 159 of 365
Saturday we had a BBQ and Maurice always joins us.  Where there is food, there is Maurice!  I baked stuffed nectarines for dessert and served them with vanilla ice cream.  Mo finished licking out the tub. :)
Day 160 of 365
My first yarn bomb to celebrate International Yarn Bombing Week.  This little bird is hanging in a tree by a park.  I wonder how long he will stay there? :)
Day 161 of 365
The first rose of the season in our garden.  Several more have bloomed since and been drenched with rain!  In between the showers I have been taking photos of the garden for another post.
Day 162 of 365
Time for another display at school.  During the summer holidays children are encouraged to take part in the Summer Reading Challenge organised by the public libraries.  The theme this year is The Creepy House and I aim try to promote the scheme with spooky displays in the library.
Day 163 of 365
After spending the morning in town shopping and admiring the Alençon Lace exhibits at the local museum, I drove home via the garden centre to by a lavender.  I came home with more than one, plus some herbs and this rather tall passenger in my car.  I have been looking for this plant, Thalictrum Aquilegifolium, since I first saw it in Beatrix Potter's garden last May.

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