Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Another Birthday!

This time it was my Husband's birthday and he was 50!
Of course that meant another cake, even though we haven't finished the others yet! To be honest we are rather sick of birthday cake now!  Anyway ...
... I had decided to copy an idea I had seen on Pinterest for my Husband's cake and had ear-marked Friday as the day to make it while he was at work.  Slight problem, he took that day off!  So when it had stopped raining I sent him to the allotment, to get him out of the house while I baked his cake! :)
 The plan was to fill the inside of the cake with coloured balls of cake, but as I was rushed I only made 12 and I took them out of the tin too soon, breaking some in half!  Luckily they held together in the mixture, although I would make more another time.
 When I removed the cake pops from the oven they looked like mini volcanoes! :)
 The cake pops and main part of the 9" cake are made using my plain yogurt cake recipe.  I doubled up the ingredients and probably used a quarter of the mixture for the cake pops.
 I covered the top with a layer of marzipan and the sides in vanilla buttercream, before adding the fondant icing.
 I had bought these cheeky candles from Amazon and wanted them to be the focus of the cake,
 so I kept the decoration to a minimum.  I simply embossed the cake with little stars on top and Happy Birthday around the cake, dusted off with a sprinkling of iridescent glitter.
 Cards were written on
(he told me he was expecting some cheek - who am I to disappoint him!)

 and presents wrapped.
 I hung up some balloons in the morning before he woke up.
 He was happy with his cheeky cards
 and with his presents.  We are going to be star gazing.
 For his birthday treat he choose a visit to the National Trust rose garden, Mottisfont.
 I took so many photos that I think another post is in order!
We were back home in time for me to cook his birthday meal of  Beef Wellington followed by birthday cake.  We had decided against a party as we are off on our holiday soon.
 The candles made him laugh.
 Time to make a wish.
 To my surprise, the cake pops actually turned out okay inside the cake.
 Happy 50th Birthday Old Man!
I've got to get that in while I can, as I'm not too far behind him! :)
Pj x

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