Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Days 195 to 204

I'm getting worse at posting these photos!  I don't know where the last week has gone - somewhere in my head I have lost a week and suddenly today is the last day of the school year.  So here are 10 more photos of my 365 project:-
Day 195 of 365
First thing in the morning, releasing a White Plume Moth that had flown into the living-room the night before.
Day 196 of 365
Gorgeous sunset.  My Son and I stood on our lawn admiring this view over the garden fence.
Day 197 of 365
Ella at the foot of the stairs, trying to keep cool in this heat.  Here in the South of England temperatures have reached 31.5'C recently.  Too hot for furbabies!
Day 198 of 365
My wisteria is flowering again.
Day 199 of 365
Apologises for this ugly photo!  The previous night, whilst planting a new rose in the front garden, I was bitten on the ankle.  Unfortunately I had an allergic reaction and I have been limping around with a swollen foot.  This happens every summer!! Grrrrr!!!
Day 200 of 365
The butterflies have returned to the garden.  This Gatekeeper was warming up in the sun early that morning.
Day 201 of 364
An evening shot of our back garden.  This is the view from our living-room window.
Day 202 of 365
My Husband dug up some more of our Early Potatoes "Rocket".
Day 203 of 365
Our garden is looking very pink at the moment.
Day 204 of 365
This morning - as well as lots of bees, I get lots of hoverflies in the garden.  These two were busy in a poppy.
All caught up again!  Roll on the summer holidays!

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