Wednesday, 24 July 2013

July Garden

 Our garden has been looking lovely recently, despite the heat that has threatened to wilt everything.  My Husband has been busy with the watering can making sure that everything survives.
The stars of the July Garden have been:-
The Roses - The centre rose is Joie de Vivre, which I planted last week in the front garden.
The Dahlias - Clangers Mix which I grew from seed this spring.  They add splashes of colour throughout the garden.
 The Poppies - The big poppies have self-seeded from last year and the Californian Poppies and other orange poppies I grew from seed this year.  I have to confess that the orange poppies are from a "pinched" seedhead!!!
 The Clematis - Not new to the garden, but continuing to put on a wonderful show again this year.
Now if we could just have a little rain please! :)

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