Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Days 175 to 183

As usual I am behind with my 365 posting!  Our birthday season is over now and in a few weeks it will be the summer holidays, so life should slow down and give me time to smell the roses.  Actually, we took the time to do just that at the weekend, but I will save that for another post.  Meanwhile ...
Day 175 of 365
I have decided that summer is here and have hung up my lanterns over the patio and put my glass "tulip" candle holders in the garden.
Day 176 of 365
I have crocheted another square from week one of the Canny CAL as the SIBOL blankets are comprised of 25 squares each.  I have decided to make two blankets for SIBOL as I have run out of the brighter colours in my stash and now have mostly pastels.  I have joined the brighter squares together and I'm now edging the blanket.
Day 177 of 365
Maurice relaxing on the lawn.  That is one chilled cat! :)
Day 178 of 365
My Son and I went on a shopping spree to buy some clothes for our holiday.  I came home with several purchases for my Husband and Son, but only one for me - typical!
Day 179 of 365
Raining again!  My poor irises are looking bedraggled.  This Bearded Iris is a favourite of mine, given to me along with a purple one from my Mum.  The purple one is my Mum's favourite and the brown one is mine.
Day 180 of 365
Should have taken a bigger pot to the allotment!  We are enjoying a bumper crop of strawberries at the moment.  We haven't quite got to the point of "oh no, not another strawberry", but it is heading in that direction! :)
Day 181 of 365
No, they are not mine!  These balloons belong to the Birthday Boy, aka My Old Man! :)
Day 182 of 365
A Petunia in one of my hanging baskets.  Each year I include "Melissa" in my baskets as it is so pretty.
Day 183 of 365
Our first harvest of new potatoes from the old allotment.  I think that homegrown potatoes taste so much better than bought ones, so I am looking forward to eating them tonight.

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