Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Days 184 to 191

I'm now past the halfway point of my 365 photo challenge!
Day 184 of 365
The roses are in full bloom in our garden.  This one is Abraham Darby - a real beauty!
Day 185 of 365
My Husband and I are going for walks around the village each evening.  We spotted this caterpillar crawling across our path.  It will "grow up" to be a Peacock Butterfly.
Day 186 of 365
I couldn't resist!  I have joined a KAL!  I'll let you know which one in a separate post.  I use the arms of my rocking chair to hold skeins of yarn as I wind them into balls.
Day 187 of 365
Serving up the loaf of bread that I had baked the day before.  We ate some of it with our BBQ.
Day 188 of 365
Spotted by Jay when we stopped here, on an attempt to get to the beach.  We didn't get to the beach as the world and his wife had the same idea!
Day 189 of 365
Can you spot the bee hidden in this poppy?  The bees are enjoying the poppies and foxgloves in our garden.
Day 190 of 365
It is the end of year play "The Pirates of the Curry Bean" at school and in between scenes the library is full of pirates, islanders and cats reading books! :)
Day 191 of 365
Blocked!  My first blanket for SIBOL using the CAL squares.

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