Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Dancing Lions

London - Part 2 - Chinatown & Lion Dance
The second installment of our day trip to London:-
After the parade we walked towards Chinatown, cutting through Leicester Square.
Lots of other people had the same idea!

 An interesting building in Wardour Street at the edge of Chinatown.

 Sunday was the one day of blue skies and sunshine!
 This horse sign caught my eye in a shop window.
 Amazing lion decoration on a wall at the junction of Wardour Street and Shaftesbury Avenue.
 It was here that we caught up again with the parade!

Chinatown was heaving!

 After a wander around and a spot of lunch in a coffee shop, we headed back to Trafalgar Square just in time for the Dotting of the Eyes of the Dragon Ceremony.  We managed to squeeze in a little closer to the stage.
 The Lion Dance was performed in front of the stage on tiny raised platforms.

 Next the dragon made another appearance.
 Although the celebrations continued throughout the afternoon, we decided to leave Trafalgar Square and explore elsewhere.
Strangely enough we had never been inside St Martin-in-the-Fields before, so that was our first destination.

 At the front of the church is this beautiful sculpture of baby Jesus.
 In the beginning was the word and the word became flesh and lived among us. John 1. 14.

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