Friday, 14 February 2014

Sweet Valentine

This month I have been lucky enough to take part in two Valentine Swaps.
 The first one was organised by Tracy of Mad About Bags.  My swap partner was Amanda of Crafty in the Med.  Chatting with each other, via email, we discovered that we like so many of the same things, so I found it very easy to choose and make items for Amanda.  These are the gifts that I sent to her.
 And these are the lovely gifts that I received.  Wasn't I a lucky girl!  Thank you so much Amanda, it has been a pleasure to swap with you.
The second swap I participated in was a Secret Santa-style Swap so I can't show the items I made here, but these are the gifts that arrived for me.
 Yarn and fabric, buttons and ribbons, chocolate and soap, hearts and brooches and so much more.  I have been spoilt!
At home I usually like to make a decoration to celebrate Valentine's Day and this year I have cut out some hearts from patterned card and sewn them together to hang from some pink painted twigs.
They aren't easy to photograph, but hopefully you get the idea.

 I also made a beaded heart to wear on a silver chain.
My Husband and I have always exchanged cards and sometimes a little gift or I bake something especially for him.
 This year I couldn't resist these cute marshmallow hearts for my children, as we will be seeing them this week.
Happy Valentine's Day. 


Crafty in the Med said...

Lots of lovely goodies!
I've also posted about the swap today just seemed the perfect day for it.

keep well

Amanda xx

Tracy said...

Lots of lovely swap goodies in this post, thank you for taking part in the swap xx

thesnailgarden said...

Hi Amanda, great minds think alike! :)
Hi Tracy, Thank you for organising this swap.
Best wishes, Pj x