Thursday, 6 February 2014


 London - Part 3 - Sightseeing & Shopping
We left Trafalgar Square and headed towards Piccadilly.  We passed Her Majesty's Theatre as we walked up Haymarket.
 Other interesting buildings en route included this one on the corner of Orange Street
 and the Criterion Building with the golden Daughters of Helios/The Three Graces diving from the rooftop, with the Horses of Helios fountain below, on the corner of Piccadilly Circus and Haymarket.

Standing at Piccadilly Circus,
near the Shaftesbury Memorial topped with the Statue of Eros.

We decided to walk up Piccadilly.
 This road with its beautiful architecture, runs from Piccadilly Circus in the east to Hyde Park Corner in the west and is 0.8 of a mile long, although we only walked 0.5 of a mile to the corner of Green Park.

 Along the way we discovered St James's Church, built by Sir Christopher Wren.

 Next up was the Princes Arcade, where we admired some Feberge Eggs.
At the end of the arcade on Jermyn Street is Floris of London, the second oldest retailer of toiletries in the world.
 Back on Piccadilly is Hatchards Bookshop.  
 The brass plaque on the building reads:-
At Messrs Hatchards
In A House On This Site
The Royal Horticultural Society
Was Founded
On The 7th March 1804
 Further along Piccadilly is the famous shop Fortnum & Mason, which was founded on this site in 1707.
The window displays are sumptuous and give a hint of what you will find inside.
Let me take you on a tour:-
First stop - the confectionery department.  Just look at those teacup-shaped chocolates!  Lucky me, I got to taste an Amaretto Truffle - delicious!!
To one side of the building is this ornate wooden staircase, but we staying on this floor for the moment;
 in the tea and coffee department with its wonderful displays.
 A spiral staircase leads down to the food and wine department.
 Going back up the spiral staircase and onto the first floor where the china department is.
 also on the first floor, my Husband discovered The Ice-cream Parlour! :)
 Up another side staircase and the second floor is definitely one for the ladies.  Exquisite jewellery, gorgeous fashion accessories, a sweet children's department.
The perfumery smelt divine and there was so many pretty toiletries to look at.  Luckily my Husband was happy to trail around behind me! :)
The third floor was for the gentlemen, boy's toys, clothing, accessories and a stationery department.
On the fourth floor is The Diamond Jubilee Tea Salon, where you can dine whilst being accompanied by a pianist. 
We exited via the side door and admired the Valentine window displays.
"Say it with Fortnums", hint, hint! :)
On the opposite side of  Piccadilly we could see The Royal Academy.
 Next, on our side of the road, was the Piccadilly Arcade
At the end was a statue of Beau Brummell.  My Husband thought it funny that he should pose with this statue, as he has no fashion sense. :)
 We crossed Piccadilly to the Burlington Arcade.
 So upmarket that it is even carpeted and is patrolled by Beadles in frockcoats and top hats.
 Exiting the rear of the arcade and we were at the corner of Burlington Gardens and where Old Bond Street and New Bond Street meet.  This corner building, 24 Old Bond Street has Atkinsons Carillon in a tower on top of the building.
Atkinsons was founded in 1799 and has sold perfumes and beauty products on this site since 1832.
 It has the only carillon in London and consists of 23 bells which are played by hand on special occasions.
 We walked past Tiffany & Co.
 To another arcade.

 Old Bond Street.
 Back on Piccadilly,
 we walked as far as The Ritz.
 This hotel opened in 1906 and is on the corner of Green Park.
Here we left Piccadilly and headed in the direction of Oxford Street.


Connie said...

Oh my goodness! I blew the photos up and went through each of them. If I didn't have dirty dishes calling my name and early morning guest arriving tomorrow, I would let them wait and look some more. Be assured that I will be back for a second, longer look. Thank you . . . you are so sweet. The only thing that I could see that may have made your photos better, is if I had been there with you, LOL.
You're the greatest, thanks again.
Your bloging sister, Connie :)

thesnailgarden said...

Glad you liked them Connie, I'm just finishing a final post of that day. I did think of you as we walked around London.
We have decided to visit London more often and concentrate on small areas each time as there is so much to see ... and photo! :) Best wishes, Pj x

Jelly Jam said...

Hi PJ!
Wow, so many details! I'm ashamed to say I don't really know London at all. We took the girls twice in the summer and they loved it so we've promised to go back.
thank you for your lovely comment on my blog. we have been remarkably lucky given the weather around us and not had any problems where we live. The local paper is full of incredible pictures and dreadful stories. I met a woman at a meeting last week who was flooded out on Christmas Eve. She lost everything as she is in a flat so had nowhere to put anything. After 4 weeks in a hotel she's just got a rented place but it could be months before she's back home.
Sorry this has turned into rather a dismal comment!