Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Treasure and Snowdrops

We didn't venture too far on Saturday as it was yet another stormy day.  In the morning we popped into the local shopping centre and I couldn't resist the lure of the charity shop.  This week's haul of treasure included:-
Two Dartington Crystal vases,
This glass jug that exactly matches the set of bowls I have that belonged to my Nana
and a bundle of silver-plated cutlery.
A jam spoon, pickle fork, cake serving tongs and perforated ladle - not sure what that was used for.
two teaspoons, a butter knife and a matching spoon and fork.
three serving forks, with handles made from horn, silver and bone.
This one with the fish engraving is my favourite.
During the afternoon we decided to brave the weather and we donned our wellies for a walk.  These Long-tailed Tits were also taking advantage of the break in the rain

and Mr Blackbird was busy eating berries.
We headed towards the place where the snowdrops grow in profusion.
They are just managing to keep their feet out of the flood.
This little boy was having fun in the woods
and the water! :)  This is where the path is usually to be found!
I stayed further up the slope where the water wasn't so deep.  You can see how fast it was flowing!
Before we walked back home I picked a few snowdrops in memory of my Nana.  When I was a child we would often go into the woods and pick flowers. 
Next week is the anniversary of my Nana's passing and it would also have been her birthday.
♥ These are for you Nana. 

Back home and the path behind our house was also flooded.  Luckily this is as far as the water has risen.
Looks like I found those vases just in time!


awholeplotoflove said...

Oh wow you had such a lovely haul from the charity shop. I haven't been for ages. The snowdrops are lovely at this time of year aren't they.
Regards Joanne x

thesnailgarden said...

Hi Joanne and welcome to my blog. I always look forward to the snowdrops appearing, they are a sign that the earth is waking up again and that spring is hopefully not too far away! Best wishes, Pj x