Saturday, 22 February 2014

unravel 2014

This morning I headed to Farnham where unravel, a yarn festival, is held each February.  I arrived early knowing that parking spaces would be in short supply later on.
 As I drove into Farnham the light was beautiful, so I decided to walk up Castle Street to take some photos.
This is the 12thC parish church of St Andrew's near the car park.

 I walked along The Borough, past some lovely old buildings.
 Just reaching the bottom of Castle Street
and on the opposite side of the road is The Market House.
 This is Castle Street - one of the finest streets of Georgian architecture in England.
 No 10, built in the early 18thC by Thomas Piggott, a London grocer.  It is built on the site of the Corn Rooms.

 The Almshouses - The plaque reads "Erected by Andrew Windsor Esq. in 1619 for the habitation and relief of eight poor honest old impotent persons."

 This is the view I see as I drive into Farnham.  Behind me further up the hill is Farnham Castle.  I've have never been there, so that is on my places-to-visit list.
 The Mews at the top of Castle Street.
 Time to walk back down into town.

Just a quick look at the church.

 By now it was 10 o'clock and the doors were open at Farnham Maltings,
where unravel is held.
These "trophies" greet you when you first enter the building! :)
 I always head down stairs to the market place first.
I couldn't resist some novelty buttons.
 But it is the yarns that are the stars of the show.
These are 100% linen and I seriously considered getting some, but I didn't know which colours to choose!  Hopefully next time they will be there and I can go with a plan of what to make with them.  I honestly didn't intend to buy any yarn this year as I still haven't used what I bought in previous years!
 These skeins are so tactile, I wanted one of the pinks, but I was being good at this stage and sticking to my plan.
It all started to go wrong when I went upstairs!  I instantly fell in love with this beaded shrug, with its buttoned up sleeves.
I bought the pattern by Jeanette Sloan, but decided not to buy the yarn until I was ready to knit it - see still being good! :)
 Next I glimpsed this shawl on The Natural Dye Studio display.  I have always had a thing for their yarns.  This shawl was beautifully knitted by the gentleman from NDS.
 I bought the pattern ... and some yarn, a 2-ply Blue Faced Leicester/Silk.  At this point I was on a slippery slope! ;)
another room and another pattern!  This design is by Tin Can Knits.  I might have bought 3 skeins of yarn to make the garment in!
 I possibly could have got away with only 2, but the 4-ply Merino yarn, by Easyknits, is hand-dyed and if I ran out I wouldn't be able to match it up.

 I would love to be able to make these felt creatures.  Jenny Barnett was running a course at the show, but I was too slow and it was fully booked.  Something to do in the future.

 I suppose I didn't do too bad, considering I only went for one one of these!
Before I left Farnham, I popped into White Stuff, one of my favourite stores.  My excuse is I had a 15% off voucher! ;)  I had had my eye on this navy shift dress with the boat collar, but I also bought this long white blouse in the sales.
 Time to go home I think, before I do any more damage to my finances!! 


Josie said...

I wish I could have gone, but your lovely pictures are the next best thing, thanks so much for sharing. BTW, I now have a serious case of pigeon envy!

awholeplotoflove said...

I love the stuffed knitted head & I am so jealous of your yarn purchases.

thesnailgarden said...

Hi Josie and Joanne, thank you taking the time to visit me in Blogland. I can really recommend visiting unravel - there are always lots of gorgeous yarns. I know you can buy them online, but it is no substitute for being able for hold them and admire their softness.
Best wishes, Pj x

Maria said...

Ooh thank you for taking us with you
on this sweet journey...I am feeling spring around the very next corner, PJ... and this is a wonderful feeling...Hugs maria x

Tracy said...

I think you showed great restraint!! I'm looking forward to seeing your shawls x