Thursday, 15 May 2008

Bouquet of Buttercups & Green Manure!

Buttercups & Green Manure (Phacelia) from our allotment.

I had previously chopped the green manure down and left it to wilt before digging it in, but it wanted to carry on growing and produced beautiful flowers. Yesterday was forecast as being the last hot, sunny day for a while, so I spent 2 hours digging and weeding and planted our sweetcorn, dwarf borlotto beans and purple dwarf beans before the rain arrived. I then spent the rest of the day in the garden sowing more seeds and planting some freebie bulbs from a magazine. There were freesias, alliums, irises and lilies. speaking of lilies, that beetle has been munching!

The wisteria blossoms are slowly starting to fade.
The aquilegias self-seed everywhere, but this year are covered in aphids!
The first allium of the year.

And today the rain has watered everything in for me. I just hope that the slugs aren't feasting on my beans!
Today is Fay's last proper day at school, from now on she only has to go in for exams. She said that it doesn't seem real to her. It doesn't to me either, I can still remember her first day at nursery school, come to that I can still remember my last day at school! And how many years ago was that!!


Anonymous said...

My last day at school was officially May 31st 1985. But it was just exams in May and I wasn't there at the end of the month. I still can't believe it was 23 years ago and that I'll be 40 next year!!

Your flower piccies are so so beautiful! What an amazing garden you have. :)

thesnailgarden said...

Thank you, my garden is only small but I love it (you'd never guess that by the amount of photos I take would you?! ;0)) lol

I left school in 1981 !!!