Thursday, 22 May 2008

... of Butterflies & Frogs

Yesterday I spent all day in the garden. First I mowed the lawn and then started raking out the moss at the shady end. Do I ache today - what a workout! Then I pruned the shrubs and generally tidied up.

Each summer the catmint is covered in these tiny butterflies (or moths). Their wingspan is only about 1cm.The first flowers are open on Rambling Rector.

Granny's Bonnets
Saxifraga x ubium or London Pride as I was brought up to call it. This is another plant that has been handed down to me from my Nana via my Mum.

First pink geranium to flower

The "geraniums" in my baskets that I overwinter each year.

Posy Ripple

Molly Sanderson

I have revamped the flower bed under the window box. This was a meant to be a herb garden, but as it is undercover and keeps nice and dry, the cats were using this bed!! So in an effort to dissuade them I have turned it into a seaside garden, with the shells, rocks and fossils that we collect from beach trips.One of my little garden helpers. Our garden is full of tiny frogs, there are even two bigger ones living in the greenhouse. Ella is intrigued by the rustling in the flower beds. Previous years she has carried them indoors and let them loose in the kitchen!


kathyann said...

What gorgeous pictures to brighten my day,I total agree, seeing to the garden does give you a good work out and doesn't it make you feel great when everything in the garden is tidy, the plant seem to look so much better and brighter!frogs in the garden,fantastic and they'll keep the slugs down for you!!No gardening today its pouring down!
Love from Kathyann and the girls

thesnailgarden said...

Hi kathyann, my garden looked even brighter the next day - I decided to trim the hazel trees that were shading the end of the garden and ended up reducing the height of them by half. It took 3 trips to the dump to remove all the cut down material! The plants will love the extra light. Unfortunately it has rained here ever since!
Best wishes Pj