Thursday, 8 May 2008

Sweet 16

The birthday season is upon us. This week Fay was 16.

Not even 1 day old.Who would have guessed that 16 years on she would become manga mad? I painted one of the characters from her manga books onto her birthday cake. After this photo was taken I put glittered, letter candles, that spelt her name, around the top edge of the cake.

I had to share this photo with you. My husband's idea of keeping an eye on the baby!


kathyann said...

Happy belated Birthday Fay.
I love the pictures especially the one of her with her dad and the cat,aaaaw sweet!
Fay and our Bethany are the same age ,Beth was 16 in January and at the moment is revising for her GCSE's she has an RE exam tomorrow!
Good Luck to them both in their exams!
Love from Kathyann and the girls

thesnailgarden said...

Fay is sitting her RE exam this afternoon. Good luck to them both from the Snail Garden.