Thursday, 5 September 2013

Days 239 to 247

Still playing catch-up with posting my 365 photos!  I was going to say "normal service will be resumed next week", but what is normal?! :)  This summer has been crazy busy, but after this coming weekend there will only be me and my Husband at home as Fay and Jay will be at uni.  It is going to be awfully quiet here without them!  On the plus side, I may be more organised on the blog front! :)
Day 239 of 365
Starting to sort out the items Jay will need at university.
Day 240 of 365
Feeding my friend GG's hounds as she was away that day.  Freddie and Alfie were pleased to see us and knocked Jay over with their enthusiastic greeting! :)
Day 241 of 365
In town shopping for more uni supplies.  All this shopping is hard work - I needed a break! ;)
Day 242 of 365
Jay practised his cupcake skills.  He plans to wow the girls at uni. :)  They were delicious!
Day 243 of 365
My onion rolls proving in readiness for an evening BBQ.
Day 244 of 365
The sky seemed to be "on fire" when my Husband and I went out for an evening walk.  Beautiful colours - my iPhone didn't do it justice.
Day 245 of 365
Back to work after the summer holidays.  Someone, I suspect the caretaker, had drawn this on the staffroom whiteboard. :)
Day 246 of 365
My first display of 2013/14.  Can't believe that I just typed 2014! It will be Christmas before we know it!!
Day 247 of 365
Zinnia Envy on our patio.  The flowers in the pots and baskets are starting to look a little straggly, but I guess they have been out since May.  Soon it will be time to take cuttings ready for next year.
The nights have started to feel chilly now and there is definitely a sense of the year turning - summer is gradually giving way to autumn; although we may have an Indian Summer - I'm keeping my fingers crossed!

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