Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Days 257 to 260

These next four photos for my 365 challenge definitely have an autumnal feel about them:-
Day 257 of 365
Saturday afternoon my Husband and I visited our first allotment and harvested some potatoes, pumpkins and squashes.  It has been a good year for butternut squashes, but not for the larger pumpkins.
Day 258 of 365
Stormy weather was predicted, so we went out early to some local National Trust woodland for a walk.  We spotted this fantastic fungi growing on a tree.
Day 259 of 365
Winter must be coming as Ella only sleeps in her basket when it gets colder!  Maurice has usurped my Husband by taking up his end of the sofa! :)
Day 260 of 365
It had been a showery day, but we still went out for our evening walk, as part of our get fit and lose weight plan.  We got rather wet as it started to rain very hard!  In fact it was so wet that even the garden snails decided to head for higher ground! :) This one was scaling the patio door when we returned from our walk.

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