Friday, 27 September 2013

Days 269 to 272

Four more 365 photos and we are nearly at the end of September.
Day 269 of 365
As it is nearly October I thought it was about time I took some cuttings from my geraniums (pelargoniums).  I do this each autumn and overwinter them indoors.  I am in the process of slowly sorting out the patio pots and baskets ready for winter.
Day 270 of 365
Friday was booster day for the kitties.  I have to fold them into their travel baskets when it is time to go and when we get to the vet's I have to drag them out! :) Poor Ella has got to go back again to have her teeth cleaned and it's going to cost an arm and a leg!!  That's me on bread and cheese for a month!  Good job cheese is my favourite food! :)
Day 271 of 365
My Husband and I popped into Winchester for a spot of shopping and for our lunch we had Cornish pasties - traditional for my OH and vegetable for me.  We also visited the City Mill and walked around the outside of the old walls.
Day 272 of 365
Such a lovely autumn day, the sun was shining and my Husband said that we should make the most of it.  So off we went to Basildon House and Park, a National Trust property.  First we had a picnic in the gardens and then walked three miles through the parkland, before visiting the house.
We seem to have been out a lot this month so I must catch up with a few posts, as we have visited some lovely NT properties and seen an exhibition of some gorgeous 1920's dresses.


Jooles said...

I've never taken cuttings, I'm so impressed!
Good luck with Ella and enjoy your cheese ;o)
love jooles xxx

thesnailgarden said...

Thanks Jooles! :) Geranium cuttings are so easy - just cut below a bud, pull off lower leaves and stick in a pot. It's as simple as that. Best wishes, Pj x