Saturday, 14 September 2013

Days 253 to 256

Four more 365 photos - I am amazed at how quickly this week has gone!  It has been our first week with an empty nest, but luckily Jay is happy and we had spoken and/or texted each day.  I know Fay is happy, because she hasn't phoned me!  She doesn't answer her phone either!!  It has taken me an entire year to accept that this means she is okay and happy with her friends.  Still, I can't help but worry; it is a Mother's job after all!
Day 253 of 365
I think Maurice is missing Jay, he is sleeping more on my Husband's lap in the evenings.  Or maybe it is just the colder weather?  Ella has slept outside Jay's bedroom door a few times, but she seems to know that he isn't in, as she hasn't asked to be let in.
Day 254 of 365
Wrapping up a birthday gift to take to a friend.  It was a friend's birthday the next day and she is a dog lover, so I knew she would like this scarf.
Day 255 of 365
It has been a good year for fruit and veg at our allotment.  I harvested these tomatoes late evening - it was almost too dark to see as the evenings are drawing in now.  We came home with large bags of courgettes, beans and spinach too.
Day 256 of 365
A new ball of wool.  We have booked a couple of nights in a yurt next month, so I feel the need to knit a beret to keep me warm.  Last autumn I knitted a batty beret and matching wrist warmers for Fay and I fancy some for myself.  It will be my first time sleeping under canvas - I'm rather excited! I just hope that we don't have October gales!!


Mac n' Janet said...

I follow my daughter on Twitter, Tumblr and Facebook, she's always on one or the other of them, that's how I know she's ok. We talk on Sundays.

thesnailgarden said...

My son texts me every day, but my daughter doesn't even answer her phone! I sometimes wonder why I pay for her contract!