Sunday, 22 September 2013

Days 261 to 265

September is whizzing by, it seems almost impossible that this coming week is the last full week of the month!  Here are a few more of my 365 photos:-
Day 261 of 365
I have refreshed the dried lavender arrangement in my Nana's watering-can, which sits in our kitchen.  In addition to changing the lavender, this time I have added some poppy seed heads from the garden.  I think it just needs a little heart or two, maybe in fabric or yarn, to hang at the front.
Day 262 of 365
Picking a few dahlia blooms from the back garden to sit on the dining-table.  I grew these from seed for the first time this year and I've been rather pleased with them.  I'll definitely grow more next year and try to save these by lifting them for the winter.
Day 263 of 365
Dare I mention the C word? :). This is my first Christmassy magazine of the year!  I plan to make a lot of my Christmas cards this year, so those clear stamps will be handy.
Day 264 of 365
Saturday my Husband and I popped into town, intending to be quick, but then we realised that there was an exhibition of 1920's dresses at the local museum and of course that meant that we had to stop for coffee first in Starbucks! ;)
Day 265 of 365
This afternoon I have been gardening - trying to tidy up our jungle.  Everything seems to have self-seeded like crazy!  I discovered this beautiful Rosemary Leaf Beetle on a lavender, but unfortunately he is not a native.
Now there are only 100 photos left to take!  It doesn't seem that long ago that I started this photo challenge!

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