Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Days 266 to 268

Three more 365 photos.  I'm managing to keep up with the posting of them now! ;)
Day 266 of 365
Creepy House Wall of Fame - My newest display at school; photographed before the children add their photos.
Day 267 of 365
Casting on my Batty Beret.  Finally I have the time to craft again!
Day 268 of 365
Shopping trip to Tesco's and this just happened to fall into my trolley! :) Actually, I noticed it was on offer and I bought it ready for Christmas to use in desserts.  It's not the first thing I have bought for Christmas, I already have three presents and a rustic star that I plan to use as a decoration ... and some half price Prosecco!  
What can I say - I like to be organised! :)

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