Saturday, 27 April 2013

Crochet CAL

If you read my previous post you will know that I am taking part in the Canny CAL on Ravelry.
The Week 5 Pattern can be found here.  It is called Brighter Daze by Melissa Green.
 It involved a technique that was new to me - crocheting on a bar at the back of the work that had been created by a previous round.
 Week 6 was this Croco Dahlia Pattern by Joyce Lewis.
 I have seen lots of crocodile stitch patterns on the net recently, but this was my first attempt at it.
This week is Week 7 and the pattern is Just Peachy Blossom by SmoothFox.
A very pretty and quick to do pattern.  I altered the borders slightly to make sure the finished granny was 6" square.  The first round is htr, the second round -  htr, the 3rd - tr and the 4th dc.
 Last weekend I also finished and blocked my Pink Shell Scarf.
 I finished it simply with a border of dc, ch, dc, ch ...
 It took 3 skeins of Debbie Bliss Andes and is so soft!
 Also this week,  I couldn't resist making a sample of Sandra's, of Cherry Heart, Clam Shell Pattern.  I didn't do any more than this as I need to concentrate on my Springtime Throw.
 Slight hiccup with the Springtime Throw - I've run out of pink wool and the purple is getting low.  So far I have made 80 squares and I have decided to add some different colours.
I'm hoping that adding the extra colours will not only give me more wool, but that the finished throw will look better, as when I laid the above squares out together they didn't quite work for me.  So I will add the original blue, green and plum that I used in The English Flower Garden Blanket and I have ordered another ball of the pink, plus a paler blue and an eau-de-nil.  At least I hope it is that colour as you can never quite tell when shopping on-line, can you?!
Best wishes, Pj x

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