Monday, 8 April 2013

Days 91 to 97

Wow, am I the only one who can't quite believe we are a quarter of the way through the year already?  And the first week of April has gone by!  Here are my 365 photos for last week:-

Day 91 of 365
As you can see we had a little break from our normal routine and travelled to Norfolk for a few days.  This is the Elveden War Memorial that we pass each time we go to Norfolk.  It stands 127 feet tall beside the A11.
Day 92 of 365
My Husband and I walked to the local church to look at the Easter flower arrangements.  We often visit this church as it has special meaning to us.  I was Christened here as a four month old baby, my Husband and I were married here and both of our children were Christened here also - Fay when she was three months old and Jay when he was two months old.  His ceremony had to be a month earlier than Fay's so that he would still fit into the Christening gown I had made for Fay! :)
Day 93 of 365
The four of us took a trip into Norwich and after a spot of shopping met up for lunch in Jarrolds.  This old record cover was on display next to our table.
Day 94 of 365
Three of us visited Norwich Castle Museum in the afternoon.  I always feel slightly sad when I see taxidermied creatures.  :(  I will share more of our week away in my next post.
Day 95 of 365
Travelling back home via Fay's.  Stuck in traffic - not a problem when I have a coffee and my knitting!  I finished sewing in the ends of my cable cushion whilst we were in a queue.
Day 96 of 365
Back home and the sun is shining!  My Husband and I spent some time at the allotment.  We planted some new raspberry canes, did some weeding and picked some sprouting broccoli - the first of the season.
Day 97 of 365
Wow, the temperature reached double figures today - 10'C no less!  Maybe Spring is finally here?  I spent the afternoon in the greenhouse sowing seeds.  I am later this year, but it has been too cold for the seeds to do well outdoors.  Hopefully with a little warmth they will soon germinate.
So that was my first week of the Easter holidays.  I am just pottering around at home this week, which is my favourite way to spent my time.  I hope you have all enjoyed your Easter holidays.  Best wishes, Pj x

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