Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Sunday Gardening

Back from our week away and it was time to sow some seeds.  The sun was shining and with mug of tea in hand I set to work in the greenhouse.  First I sowed these seeds that I bought whilst in Norfolk last week.  I think these will look lovely planted together.
I also sowed the seeds of tomatoes, chillis, cucumber, pumpkins, squashes, courgettes, beans and lots of other flowers.  It was quite hot in the greenhouse - not that I was complaining!  My Husband tackled the moss on our lawn and worked some more at the allotment.
The sun has woken up the spring flowers in the garden.
The forsythia is in bud.
Various primulas are out,
including this special one from my Nana H's garden.

These pretty pink hyacinths are almost lilac in colour. 
Most of the crocuses in bloom are purple, but a few cream and lilac ones are appearing.
Lesser Celandine
Beautiful blues - my favourite shades.
The pulmonaria has survived after I divided and transplanted it last autumn.
Lots of these anemones that I planted at the same time are flowering.  I can't remember if any were white - I will have to wait and see!

And the first daffodils are out.
It is so lovely to see spring finally arriving in the garden.  I have really been looking forward to seeing the flowers of all those bulbs I planted last October, when I dug up the flower beds and re-arranged everything.  Roll on summer!

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