Friday, 12 April 2013

Days 98 to 102

Continuing with my 365 photo challenge and finally into triple figures!
Day 98 of 365
My gym bag on the passenger seat of my car.  Off for a swim, trying to get back into my routine.
Day 99 of 365
A huge bunch of daffodils from our old allotment. :)  I love the heady smell they release, unfortunately my Husband thinks they stink!
Day 100 of 365!
I popped into town with Jay to order some prescription sunglasses for the summer.  It was a sunny 11.5'C - the weather is finally starting to warm up.
Day 101 of 365
In the greenhouse again and potting on the plug plants that I bought yesterday after our trip into town.  These are for my hanging baskets.
Day 102 of 365
More shopping!  Grocery shopping this time in Tesco's.  They have an offer on at the moment for Pyrex ware and I have bought these for Jay to take to university in September.
Looks like I have been spending a lot this week and not a penny on wool - most unusual! ;)

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