Monday, 1 April 2013

March Nature Walk

On the final day of the month we went for our March nature walk.  Spring is slow to arrive this year as it has been the coldest March since 1962.  The snowdrops are dying down 
And the primroses are taking their place.
Spurge also lined the footpath.
Without any leaves on the oaks, other details stand out.
Mossy trunks
and deeply ridged bark.
The frogspawn in the pond has been frozen over.  I hope it survives.
The pussy willow is in bud
and the wild plums are in blossom.
Hopefully Spring is on her way.


Dawn said...

I haven't seen much blossom and definitely no spawn yet - plenty of moss and lichen about though!

Blueberry Heart said...

there's not a hint of blossom here 'up North' yet.. it is lovely to eventually see the odd sign of spring though!
BH x

Chel C said...

I checked my trees today and the blossom is just beginning to take a peep out! AND, actually sat outside for a little while just to see what it was like with the sun being out again. Such a novelty this year! Have a lovely weekend from your newest follower. Chel

thesnailgarden said...

Hi Chel and welcome to my blog. Thank you to you all for leaving a comment. Spring is so late this year isn't it? On the plus side, the snowdrops seem to have lasted for longer, something I noticed whilst up in Norfolk last week. We were also up North to collect Fay and were surprised to see patches of snow still around. Hopefully spring will soon be here. Best wishes, Pj x