Tuesday, 21 May 2013

A Spot of Baking

Having a teenage son in the house that can eat and eat and still look like a bean-pole, just isn't fair!
Recently I have baked:-
a boiled-fruit cake,
a sultana and orange sponge traybake,
spiced treacle sponge traybake,
a coffee and walnut sponge traybake,
an rhubarb crumble slice,
a banana loaf,
peanut butter bars,
a coconut sponge
and some fairy cakes,
(I cheated with the decorations by baking them on)
I also made an ice-cream cake with butterscotch sauce for the week my daughter was home.
And he is still skinny!
Meanwhile, I sadly am not and I'm reduced to eating salad!
Can I have a slice of soda bread ... please?


Mac n' Janet said...

I can't bake at all, to have the ingredients for a cake near me I put on weight.

Kezia said...

Wow, all those goodies have made by mouth water! Even your salad looks delicious!