Thursday, 30 May 2013

Days 144 to 149

Six more 365 photos:-
Day 144 of 365
I've got the lurgy!  I haven't felt this bad in a long time. :(  I even lost my voice - nice and quiet for my Husband! ;)
Day 145 of 365
The Love Bugs snuggled up together on the floor in a patch of sunlight. :)
Day 146 of 365
Sunday morning I felt so bad, that I went back to bed for a couple of hours sleep - unheard of for me, but it was what my body needed, as I couldn't even follow a knitting pattern in the morning!  My brain started working again after the extra sleep and I learnt how to crochet bullion stitch for the Canny CAL on Ravelry.
Day 147 of 365
Jay's computer was broken so I quote, "While I haven't got anything better to do, I might as well do some dusting."  Bless him he dusted his and his sister's bedrooms and vacuumed most of the house, whilst I was ironing.  He says cleaning is relaxing!  He is such a helpful boy. xXx
Day 148 of 365
This is most unusual for me - I painted my fingernails.  Whilst I always have painted toenails, I only paint my fingernails for special occasions, as I don't like chipped nail polish and I always quickly chip mine!  But we are going out tomorrow and as I have my very own Dobby ;) my nails aren't going to get chipped!
Day 149 of 365
Guess where we went? :) Fay is a great fan of Harry Potter and as a family we have seen all the films at the cinema.  For her birthday treat we had arranged yesterday's trip to The Making of Harry Potter at WB Studio Tour London.  It as a fantastic day out - we all loved it.  I will show you some of the many photos I took in a separate post.
Well, after today's photo I will have completed 5 months of my 365 challenge - this year seems to be speeding by!  Best wishes, Pj x

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