Friday, 24 May 2013

Days 138 to 143

A few more photos for my 365 project:-
Shopping on Saturday - My favourite brand of cosmetics is Max Factor.  My Mum has always used their powder and I followed suit when I first started wearing make-up and have stuck with it since.  I prefer their lipstick and mascara to any others.  This is the free gift that came with my purchase.
Sunday - the fence staining debacle!  Me, "I don't like that colour!"  Oops!  Still don't like the second one, but I know when not to push my luck! ;)
My back is slowly getting better and I could finally paint my toe nails.  Experimenting with new colours.
An allium bloom on the kitchen window sill - one of three victims of the fence staining.  Never mind, at least I get to appreciate it up close.  I love the detail of these flowers.
A new clematis for the garden (to cover that fence) Montana Miss Christine.
In the kitchen, keeping dry as it is raining and hailing!  In May!!  Mini quiches for our evening meal.

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