Saturday, 11 May 2013


This week our daughter turned twenty-one!
The cards were written on,

The presents were wrapped.
Her main gift from us was a new laptop, which she had early.  This little bunny is for her Trollbead bracelet.
 The cake was decorated
 and the balloons hung up in readiness for her birthday.
 On the day ... cards and presents were opened.
 We have a birthday outing planned for half term,
 so we spent the afternoon shopping in town and then went home for a special meal consisting of beef wellington (not for me of course) and birthday cake.
I decorated the table with flowers,

 and pink and silver stars.
 We sang "Happy Birthday" ...
 ... this was her reaction to our singing! :)
 All that was left to do was to eat cake - chocolate and vanilla with white and dark chocolate drops.
 Happy Birthday Darling Daughter.

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